Equipment Lease Financing – Leased Equipment Insurance

eLease International was created with the intent of improving upon the relationship between equipment leasing customers, equipment vendors and the funding source. We are a privately held company located in Northeast Florida whose staff and partners have well over a hundred years of expertise in the equipment leasing, equipment insurance and commercial real estate finance industries.

Our customer base is made up of small businesses to major corporations worldwide. We provide equipment and technology leasing options for start-ups, municipalities, charitable and religious organizations. Our leasing solutions range from $5,000 to well over $10,000,000. Through our multiple leasing affiliations and resources and by focusing on customer service, competitive rates and a rapid approval process, we have created an astounding number of successful business relationships.

Our equipment vendors look to us not only to finance their equipment and software sales but also to provide the partnerships that encourage their business growth. More often than not we can provide lease approvals when other companies say no.

Equipment insurance is a necessity and, as with your personal property, you want to be certain that the equipment you need to run your business is well insured. We offer property and liability business equipment insurance to satisfy this need. With eLease International as your partner you will find that getting insurance on your leased equipment is fast and simple!

  • Same day approvals
  • Insurance binders within 24 to 48 hours upon receipt of required documentation
  • Extremely competitive rates

For quote information, please contact Lance Clyce at 904-814-8524 or

We have always felt very strongly that the relationships with our customers and vendors are the most important variable in measuring our success. We strive to provide the highest quality of service in the business and in doing so have continued to build the confidence and trust of our partners.